How to Choose the Right Painting Contractor

How to Choose the Right Painting Contractor

Choosing the right painting contractor to help you protect and beautify your home is definitely an overwhelming task, particularly if you’ve never hired anyone to do a home improvement project before.

Let’s face it, painters Choosing A Painting Contractordon’t exactly hold the best reputation to begin with, and the very last thing you should do is to get ripped-off by some guy wearing white pants.

You intend to be an informed consumer. So where can you start? What do you look for? What do you look out for?

Step one 1: Explore Your Options

There’s no shortage of resources accessible to you when you’re trying to find potential painting contractors, but there’s also no guarantee that the random names you’ll find while searching the web or browsing through the phone book will be reputable contractors.

The very best places to start when choosing a painting contractor are:

Referrals from a pal or relative
Your local BBB website
The Painting & Decorating Contractors of America’s Find-A-Painter website
Reputable online review sites like Angie’s List
Generally speaking, the highly reviewed contractors you’ll find on these websites tend to be more quality-conscious and are more worried about exceeding their customers’ expectations.

See the Annual Homeowner Survey on the BBB’s website that presents contractor referral sources ranked by consumer trust.

Step two 2: Get Multiple Bids

After you’ve selected a few companies that contain piqued your interest it’s the perfect time to get bids. It’s always smart to get multiple bids for comparison purposes. All the temptation of choosing a prospect simply because they have the cheapest bid price, as that is by far the most dangerous way of choosing the contractor. But a little healthy competition never hurt anyone and it can help to keep prices at an acceptable level.

A good guideline is to collect three bids prior to making for you to decide. Now, you may have to get hold of more than three companies to be able to really get your three bids because some of them may be back-logged with work and, unfortunately, a few of them are not very proficient at returning calls or emails.

Step 3 3: Interview The Candidates

One of the primary explanations why people end up dissatisfied using their contractor is that they didn’t know the right questions to ask before they made their decision. While you talk with your contracting prospects you should treat it such as a job interview.

They may be literally interviewing for your job so don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. Enough time to discover information about your contractor is before you hire them, not after.

If you’ve done your homework up to this point you can assume that anyone providing you a bid is most likely an established contractor, so be respectful when questioning them. But if they’re too proud or too busy to take time to answer questions about things that are important to you now, you’ll be able to probably also assume that they will be too proud or too busy to take the time to address your concerns after and during the project.

If you’re not asking the right questions in that case your decision will most-likely be based solely on price. But remember, you’re not looking to discover the best price. You’re looking for the business you can trust to supply you with a quality job and present you the cost effective for your cash.

To be sure you’re asking the right questions you can download a copy of our free guide on How To Select a house painting sydney Contractor for a great interview question checklist.

Step 4: Check References

Your final act of homework in choosing a painting contractor is to check their references. Any contractor worth their salt will have an entire set of references they’ll offer you and that means you can check out their improve yourself.

You will choose with confidence.

Step 5: Pay It Forward

Now that assembling your project turned out exactly the way you envisioned it would…Pay It Forward. Help your neighbors out by posting a rave online overview of your experience, or agreeing to serve as a reference for the next person who’s needing help choosing a painting contractor because of their project.